Ayurvedic Anti-Pimples Combo

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Aqui Plus Cream 25gm + Aqui Plus Facewash 65ml + Saffodin Syrup 150ml

Aqui Plus Cream- Ayurvedic Anti Pimples Cream

• Very effective against Acne(Pimples) and Blackheads
• Clear blemishes & works effectively against pruritus
• Unclogs pores & prevents future breakouts
• Reduces the proliferation of bacteria, inflammation, and spots
• Efficacious in pitting and scarring formed on the face
• Refines and tightens skin pores & gives younger and healthy-looking skin


Aqui Plus Facewash-Ayurvedic Anti Pimples Facewash

• Clears Acne, Pimple & Blackheads
• Removes excess Sebum, dirt and impurities
• Has anti-inflammatory properties & prevents Skin Infections
• Provides deep pore cleansing
• Improves general skin health
• Removes oil which is the main cause to attract dirt, germ & bacteria

Saffodin Syrup- Natural Blood Purifier

• Helps to remove the blood impurities
• Prevents the recurrence of acne & pimples on the skin
• Helps maintain healthy skin
• Effective in clearing the skin off the blackheads
• Prevents bacterial infections which affect the skin
• Enhances blood circulation level
• Improves digestion & appetite



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