Herbal Antiseptic & Nourishing Combo

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Calendula Cream 25gm + Aloevera & Calendula Facewash 65ml

Calendula Cream (All-Purpose Antiseptic Cream):

• Treat minor cuts, minor wounds & minor burns
• Effective against dermatitis & fungal skin infections
• Helps soften skin and restore skin moisture
• Helpful in rashes & sores
• Heals the cracked heels, foot, skin or chapped lips


Aloevera & Calendula Facewash (Daily Moisturising facewash):

• Cleanse, Moisturise and Nourish your skin
• Makes skin Soft, Fresh and Radiant
• Whisks away Microorganism & Dust Off the Skin
• Rejuvenate & Soothe your skin
• Cleanses excess oil from the skin
• Keeps Skin Fresh & Glowing

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