Clodent Neem Dental Cream-Strong Teeth & Healthy Gums

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Ayurvedic Neem Dental Cream

• Works effectively against cavities & bleeding gums
• Reduces the inflammation of the gums
• Provides relief in dental pains
• Strengthen teeth and gums
• Helps removes plaque and tartar
• Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
• Helps in keeping the breath fresh for a long period of time


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Neem, Pilu, Durgandh Khair, Kattha, Moulsiri, Anar, Tumburoo, Babool, Triphala, Vayvidang, Nirgundi, Ajmoda, Vaikranta Bhashma.


To be used twice daily, with a soft toothbrush or as directed by the physician.


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