With the climate changing as rapidly, it is essential that you have a full-proof immunity that protects you from a line of diseases that might catch up with time. Yes, seasonal vaccinations are great and absolutely necessary. However, including herbal remedies to your daily schedule is also a must.

It is important that you treat the body as a castle with soldiers patrolling every walls, corridors, and perimeter of the body. Many ancient herbs have been used traditionally to aid the body’s immune system. Herbal immune booster promotes healthy body immunity response to issues such as stress, infections, unhealthy microbial balance in the gut, etc.

How does weak immunity hit you?

Now, a weakened immune system is mostly seen among kids, toddlers, and old people. With change in the physical abilities and dietary needs, the immunity goes down. Even the immune response gets weaker as you age making the vaccines minimally effective and making you more prone to infections.

Unlike other systems in our body that come with a distinct and easily identified line of organs, our immune system tends to be wide-spread and complex. The tissues, cells, and blood circulate all through the body and maintaining the immunity throughout. As a multi-layered protection shelter for your body, the body’s immunity tends to be very hard-working.

Our immune system performs a diverse range of roles. Starting from serving as a barrier to the invaders entering through your skin to getting rid of the toxins in the body. Now, herbal treatment is the best way to relax and tone up the existing immune system and allow it a chance to perform at its optimum. The immune system has a particularly symbiotic relationship established with the other systems in our body.


 Tulsi Aroma Drops from HAPDCO Herbals is a pure extract of 5 different variants of the rare tulsi plant. This particular plant is a medicinal herb with Indian origin which is popularly known to cure things such as cough, cold, stomach pain, constipation, acidity, and abdominal pain. It is also essential in curing different variants of the season or viral fevers, chest congestion, lung swelling, etc. As an herb, Tulsi has been known to help address several issues such as asthma, arthritis, obesity, or recurring ulcers. This herbal drop is comprised of Rama Tulsi, ShyamTulsi, ShwetTulsi, VanaTulsi, and NimbuTulsi. The best way to use this herbal immunity booster is by diluting it in water using 3 to 4 drops on a daily basis. Tulsi Aroma Drops comes at a single size of 10ml & 20 ml.


This capsule is effective in increasing immunity of body & shield body from recurring diseases. It strengthens immunity & protects the body from viral & bacterial infections.

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