Most people come down with eye issues at some point of their life. While some of these issues are minor and might go away with time, others can be long lasting and might require care from a specialist. Even if your current vision isn’t as good as it was a few years back, certain herbal treatment options might help restore its lost vision and health.

Now, before you know the ways herbal treatment and herbal products can help with eye health restoration, here are some issues that you need to know about.

  • Eyestrain:

Eyestrain can ail anyone who tends to read for long hours, works with computers, drives for long hours, and so on. Overuse of the eyes can lead to weariness and decrease in sight effectiveness. Herbal treatments help relax the eyes and restore the lost strength.

  • Red Eyes:

Things such as late night-outs, allergies, loss of sleep, etc. can lead to the eyes going red with increased blood flow that comes from high blood pressure. Herbal treatment options can help reduce this symptom of dreary eyes and clear up the associated issues.


  • Dry Eyes:

At times, your eyes fail to make enough tears. When this happens, you could feel that there is something poking inside your eye. The eyes might also feel like they are burning. Now, in severe cases, this dryness might lead to partial vision loss. A carefully curated herbal eye drop can help re-hydrate the eyes while stimulating the proper production of tear from the tear glands.


  • Eye Infection:

Chemical irritants, foreign particles, or bacteria getting into your eyes can lead to an infection that can be dramatic in certain cases. While you can maintain general hygiene to ensure that no infection occurs. This is why certain cases require herbal treatment as a wholesome remedy.


  • Change in Vision:

With time, your eye power drops down and you might need some care that could re-enhance things for you. Eye issues such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. can lead to a loss in vision.

  • BritoneHerbal Eye Drops

With herbs and ayurvedic items such as harad, gulab, bahera, haldi, amla, punarnava, tulsi, and pudina, Britone Herbal Eye Drops is the best and holistic way to reduce any issue with your eye or increase the overall effectiveness. HAPDCO Herbals has formulated the Britone Eye Drops to be effective against the conditions such as redness or pain in eyes, muddy/watery discharges and other related issues. The pack is available in a 10ml size.

  • I JyotiHerbal Eye Drops

I-jyoti is effective in all sorts of eye degeneration, conjunctivitis, cataract, trachoma, opacities, iritis, blisters to the lids, burning and stinging pain, unable to bear the heat of sun and dimness of vision.

It also helps improves the eye sight.


  • HerbilubeHerbal Lubricating Eye Drops

Herbilube Eye Drops is a lubricating formulation which provides immediate relief and long lasting protection against dryness & irritation for patients with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms.

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