An Herbal journey to Healthy and Glowing skin

A healthy skin reflects a healthy life-style. It’s natural to find flawless skin attractive and desirable. Pollution and deficiency in nutrition can wreck havoc to your beautiful skin which is really a struggle. Hapdco herbals bring to you a range of carefully selected herbal products which are some of the best herbal skin care creams in the market. Skin care should be a part of your daily routine as it is exposed to tremendous stress from pollutants and internal ailments like hormonal changes. HAPDCO Herbals uses herbs picked up from the remote regions of the Indian subcontinent which have been used by saints and chemists during the Vedic era. Bringing forward the application of essential herbs to the general public through intense research in the field of ayurveda, company provides you some of the best skin care herbal products.

Aqui Plus Cream and Face wash

If you are looking for herbal product for acne and blackheads, the aqui plus cream and aqui plus face wash is a real effective alternative to mainstream chemical based medicines. Often acne leads to scarring and pitting all over the face, especially if they are voluntarily popped. The aqui plus cream helps in removing acne based scarring on face along with pruritus and bacterial infection of the skin.

Prevents Acne & Pimples

Removes excess oil and impurities without over-drying the skin

Weed out unwanted dead cells

Reinstate the natural & even tone of the skin

Gently cleanses the face

Rid your skin off excess melanin

Calendula Plus Cream

The Calendula plus cream is a multi-purpose cream with antiseptic properties. This antiseptic herbal cream is very much effective in treating minor burns, small cuts, chapped heels, foot, irritated skin and dry lips.

Multi Purpose Cream

Effective in cuts & scratches

Effective against insect bites

Safe & Effective

Heals the minor burns or chappedd skin

Effective in creacked nipples or post natal cases

Marks Go cream

The Marks Go cream is an anti-marks cream which is herbal product for stretch marks, scars, burn marks and dark circles. Additional to treating skin ailments, this anti-marks herbal cream makes your skin beautiful via application of natural herbs while retaining a baby soft consistency for the skin.

Lightens Scars & Marks on the skin

Gives natural glow to the skin

Lightens & erases stretch marks or burn marks

Reduces under eyes dark circles

Makes the skin beatiful Naturally

Provides nourishment to the skin

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