Retain Healthy eyesight with the
power of herbs.

Our eyes are the gateway to this world, without which everything is dark and dull. These precious pairs need a lot of attention and care. As we age, our eyes get dull and start losing its power. Several other factors apart from aging also play a role in making our eyes weak and sometimes can even cause total blindness if not treated in time. HAPDCO herbal understands how precious your eyes are and provides you with a polished range of Ayurvedic medicines which are nothing but a boon for your eye health. Derived from completely natural herbs and herbal extracts, these specially constructed herbal formulas help cure the disease right from its main causal factor rather than treating it superficially. Our highly technical processing units help maintain similar quality standards in all the medicines which provide best herbal eye care product as an efficient treatment option for the patients. HAPDCO Herbals introduces to you its range of eye care products which are effective in the treatment of various sights related ailments in natural and side effect free form.

Britone Eye drops:

The Britone Eye drop is a well tested blend of precious herbs from the culture and tradition rich heritage of India. This particular eye drop helps you elevate the symptoms of many eye related diseases and infections such as redness of eyes due to trauma or infection,

Reduce eye redness

Maintains vision

Reduce Eye Strain

Treats muddy or watery discharge

Protects the eyes from pollution

Clears Eye

I-Jyoti Eye Drops

I-Jyoti is a careful blend of specific herbs from the rarest parts of the country and even overseas that helps you take care of your eye in an exemplary way. This particular eye drop is the best herbal eye care product and the right answer to all your eye related needs.

Effective in trachoma & opacities

Effective in all types of eye degeneration

Treats iritis or blisters to the lids

Improves Eye Sight

Reduces burning or stinging pain in the eyes

Effective in conjuctivitis & cataract

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