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About our Company.

Hapdco Herbals has gained very good name in Ayurveda having the portfolio of around 100 herbal products and increasing. Our products have a huge presence in the market. We operate in almost all the categories of consumer products including health care, skincare, hair care and home care Being the leading distributor of ayurvedic products We have a wide distribution network which covers millions of retail outlets. We have now presence in many states of India with penetration in both urban and rural market. From humble beginnings, we have now transformed ourselves into family run business to a professionally managed global enterprise. If you have any query, get in touch with us now.

Our Vision & Mission.

Hapdco Herbals aims at health and well being of each individual. Being leaders in the area of responsibility, we are committed to deliver the best results. We are committed to delivering the best at what we do. By the end of 2025, we aim at becoming synonymous to Modern Ayurveda to bring good health naturally and be the solution providers for all the challenging needs of our health sector. We are here to move ahead the legacy of Ayurveda in a scientific manner. We are prepared to face fresh challenges everyday and work towards providing you holistic health solutions. At Hapdco Herbals, we strive to foster a disease free society with scientific approach to Ayurveda. Here medicine is the very ‘pran’ for treating curable and incurable ailments. We strive to make this world peaceful and disease free!

Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy at Hapdco Herbals is just similar to that of Ayurveda where the action reflects the thinking of improved health and much better care for our patients. We blend our philosophy with the dream of healthy and disease-free society. With the help of our products and services, we aim to bring in paradigm shift to the lives of those who are suffering. We highly recommend the use of herbal remedies for the treatment of ailments.


Hapdco Company overview

Strive to make this world peaceful and disease free!

Hapdco Herbals is a renowned name in the realm of herbal products. Hapdco Herbals is herbal division of Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HAPDCO). The company builds on the legacy of experience and quality of over many years and this is why it is the most trusted health care company. Medicines are fabricated from natural extracts and are categorically prepared to cure the health problems.
Our well-armed R&D wing capacitates us to establish advanced health problems related countermeasure and significant analysis as well as research operations are frequently going on to improve the current medicines. We are equipped with the latest technology machines, which are taken care by unit of experts who a re devoted in the direction of producing array of medicines. Medicines are fabricated from natural extracts and are categorically prepared to cure the health problems.
Company is dedicated to providing best quality products & finest customer service. With us, you will find a complete range of medicines and herbal products. At Hapdco Herbals, we lay a great stress on various quality circles. Special project team works on several quality management projects to produce the best. Since years, we are involved in herbal preparations featuring batch-to-batch consistency. We make herbal and ayurvedic products and distribute them all over India.

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